Reasons To Stop Using Paper Time Cards And Spreadsheets For Tracking Employee Hours

11 December 2015
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When you run a small business with even just a few employees, accurately measuring total worker hours, especially time spent on billable work, is crucial to your financial success. While it may be easy to track time with paper forms or a generic spreadsheet when you have just one or two employees, as you grow you should invest in timesheet software. If you have reservations about spending funds on a time reporting program, consider more info and the following reasons why you should not hesitate in making the purchase. Read More 

4 Ways To Prepare Your Plumbing For Winter

3 November 2015
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With winter on its way, it's important to make sure that you are adequately prepared for all that it brings. Namely, inclement weather, such as snow, ice, and hail. One of the biggest problems that homeowners and renters have regarding their house or apartment is how to make sure your plumbing will be protected during these cold, occasionally freezing, months. There is a list of awful things that can happen to your plumbing during this time, including everything from frozen pipes to unusable water. Read More 

Shopping For Office Furniture? 2 Desk Features You Shouldn’t Ignore

25 September 2015
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Are you in the middle of sprucing up your office? Before you head to the furniture store to look for a desk that will blend in with your existing décor, you should consider the fact that your workstation could offer more than you might think. Here are two desk features you shouldn't ignore, and why splurging on something a little different might be a good idea: 1: Versatility Why invest in a desk that is just a desk? Read More 

What To Do When A Freelance Client Owes You Money

3 September 2015
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Working for yourself as a freelancer has a ton of perks: you get to set your own hours, be your own boss, and get paid for what you love. Unfortunately, freelancing also has a few downsides. One of these is that from time to time a client might pay their invoice late, or not pay it at all. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help ensure you get paid. Read More 

Pet Memorialization: What To Do With The Ashes Of A Beloved Family Dog

6 August 2015
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Anyone who has owned a dog understands what an impact the death of the pet has on the household. After years of being there to greet everyone when they come home, the wagging tail, soulful eyes, and excited bark are no more. Even so, there is a way to memorialize the four-legged family member and honor the pet's memory.  Here are some suggestions for what to do after the cremation takes place and the ashes are delivered to the family. Read More