6 Telltale Signs Your Pistol's Supply of Brass Casings Is Running Low

9 April 2024
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It’s a scenario every gun enthusiast dreads. You're at the range, aiming true, enjoying the staccato crackle of your shots, and then, midstream, it hits you – that muffled click instead of a resounding bang. Something's off; it's the lack of ammunition, specifically, the brass casings. When you're in the thick of it, there's no time for miscalculations; you've got to know when to stock up before you're left high, dry, and decidedly unarmed. Here are six prime indicators that your stash of brass casings is running on fumes.

1. Your Downtime is Consistent, and It's Not by Choice

If your post-shooting routine involves a lot of waiting, then a shortage of brass may be in play. You see, reloading is the behind-the-scenes actor in the shooting theatre, and it's often overlooked. But when you're continually stopping to scrounge for casings, that's precious time you're hemming and hawing instead of honing your skills.

2. You’re on a First-Name Basis with the Local Gun Store Owner

A healthy relationship with your local gun store owner is a double-edged sword. Yes, it means you're always in the know and can score the latest gear, but if you start to feel as if you're propping up the store's business single-handedly, it's likely because your brass casing stockpile is long gone.

3. There's an Unintentional 'Single-Shot Sunday' Tradition Forming

You might not be an expert with a timeline, but you've noticed that your shooting sessions tend to start with a sprint and end with a stumble. Not to worry, this isn't a case of sporting fatigue. It's the insidious result of a scarcity of spent casings.

4. Your Bullet-Belly Jar Looks More Like a Morsel

If you've gone from filling your bullet-belly jar to picking up individual casings and eyeing them wistfully, it's time. Time to restock, time to refresh, and time to return your jar to its bountiful former glory.

5. The Garage Looks Suspiciously Shiny

Reloading is often a messy affair, and a pristine workstation is either the sign of a scrupulous cleaner or an indication of underload. If you haven't needed to tidy up piles of casings, you're not shooting enough – or worse, you're not reloading enough.

6. You've Developed a Case of the 'Just in Case'

Sure, having a few extra casings on hand is the nature of the enthusiast's game. But when it jumps from 'just in case' to 'just about all I've got' – it's time to head casings-shopping.

Pistols and brass casings are like bread and butter – one doesn't work well without the other. If any of the listed signs strike a chord, it's high time to restock your brass and keep your shooting game on point.

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