Shopping For Office Furniture? 2 Desk Features You Shouldn't Ignore

25 September 2015
 Categories: Business, Articles

Are you in the middle of sprucing up your office? Before you head to the furniture store to look for a desk that will blend in with your existing décor, you should consider the fact that your workstation could offer more than you might think. Here are two desk features you shouldn't ignore, and why splurging on something a little different might be a good idea:

1: Versatility

Why invest in a desk that is just a desk? These days, functionality takes precedence over looks, which is why versatile workspaces are all the rage. Instead of simply acting as a desk, look for a table that transforms into one of these furniture pieces:

  • A Comfy Bed: Don't let those late nights at the office dig into your sleep schedule. Some desks fold out into a stable, flat platform that you can use as a cot. By adding a few flat cushions, you can create an easy-to-use, comfortable bed anytime you need to—giving you a great place to catch a nap in the middle of your workday.
  • Floating Shelves: If you prefer a more minimalist approach to your office décor, look for a desk that transforms into a floating shelf. These desks, which are mounted directly to the wall, are designed to look like a block of wood when they aren't in use. However, when you need to use your laptop or pen a letter, you can easily fold up the top to expose your work area.

Don't settle for ordinary. Before you shop for a new desk for your office, take a few minutes to ponder your personal sense of style. By making your office your own, you might be able to introduce visitors to a slice of your personality, while making your space comfortable and functional.

2: Personality

Believe it or not, that desk might be able to do more than transform into a sleeping surface in the middle of your workweek. Because people spend so much time sitting in their office, innovative manufacturers have developed a few incredible add-ons that you might adore. Here are a few products that might make your office the talk of the town:

  • An Incredible Showpiece: On the other hand, you can make your desk the star of your office by shopping around for an incredible showpiece. By working with a professional woodworker, you can have a desk designed to suit your hobbies or preferences. For example, if you adore steam punk style, you might enjoy a desk made from an old pipe organ, adorned with old-world lighting and horn speakers from the turn of the century.
  • Desk Sandboxes: Don't settle for that tropical paradise screensaver. If you like to feel the sand between your toes, consider investing in a desk sand box. These sandboxes are essentially a shallow enclosure that your desk sits inside, which you can fill with beach sand, pebbles, or whatever you prefer. In addition to bringing a little nature into your office, your enclosure might put a little space between you and unwanted visitors.
  • Foot Hammocks: Wouldn't it be nice of you could throw your feet into a cuddly hammock whenever you wanted? Well, now you can. Foot hammocks can be mounted underneath your desk with industrial adhesive, giving you the option of kicking your feet up anytime. If you want to keep those feet toasty, there are even heated hammocks that work like a mini-electric blanket for your toes. If you prefer a chillier version, mesh hammocks can keep air moving through the space, so that your feet don't get too warm.

By investing in a dynamic, innovative desk, you might be able to stay calm and relaxed while you are at work. Talk to a professional furniture store like D&R Office Works, Inc. for more information on choosing the right office furniture for you.