3 Things To Compare When Shopping For Mullet Fishing Nets

6 September 2022
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If you love to fish or you're learning to fish as a survival skill, you may want to learn how to cast a net. You can catch bait fish or larger fish with a net once you master the skill of casting. Going for school fish is best since you can catch several fish at once rather than having to fish for hours. For instance, catching mullet fish with a net is a common practice, but it's important to have the right type of net.

Here are three things to compare in mullet fishing nets.

1. The Mesh Size

A mullet fishing net is made up of mesh fabric that's sewn together to create a bag that opens up flat for casting. The net has weights sewn in the edges that cause the net to sink. Perfecting your casting skills and having a net that sinks fast is important or the fish will scatter before you can catch them.

Mullet fishing nets are made of mesh with different size holes. If you'll be fishing for large fish for dinner, it's best to choose a net with larger holes so it will sink faster. However, large holes will allow bait mullet to escape, so when casting for bait, you'll probably want a net that has smaller holes.

2. The Diameter Of The Net

Mullet fishing nets come in different sizes. If you want to cast over a school of small mullets to use as bait, you'll probably want a small net so it will sink faster. You may also want a small net when you start practicing casting since a large net may be too difficult and frustrating to use until you build skills.

A small net can also be used to practice catching large mullets, so it's a good option when you're first starting to learn how to fish with a net. You can always buy a large or extra-large net once you are more proficient.

Larger nets are also heavier. The weight of the net is determined by its size, but also by the weight of the lead sinkers sewn into the hem. You'll need to be able to lift and throw the net properly, and you might find a large net is too heavy for you to handle when starting out.

3. The Net Design

You can also buy a bag net or a brail net. You might prefer a bag net if you're casting while wading in shallow water. A brail net is used when casting from a distance, such as from a pier or boat. They both close to form a bag for capturing the fish so you can pull them from the water.