What To Know Before Purchasing Wholesale Energy Shots For Your Convenience Store

11 July 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you are the purchasing manager or owner of a convenience store, gas station, or a similar type of establishment that offers coffee and other beverages, you're likely constantly looking for new products to attract new customers. To attract the attention of customers that enter and exit your store within mere minutes on their way back and forth during their busy lives, you'll want products that stand out and are effective so your customers will keep returning for more. 

One such product to stock on your shelves is an energy shot using kratom. Here's what you need to know about becoming a distributor of this product. 

What Is in these Energy Shots? 

These energy shots contain herbs and botanicals that can help reduce pain and stress, improve focus and mood, and increase energy. One of the key ingredients is kratom, which is a plant that originates from Southeast Asia and produces the effects of a stimulant. The product comes in small, shot-sized bottles for easy use. 

Is It Legal In Your State?

Since there is some controversy regarding the health benefits and possible adverse effects of kratom, some states have made it illegal. Therefore, the first thing you'll need to do, of course, is to check to see if your state has made kratom illegal or not. You can find some information here, but be sure to check with your attorney first for the most up-to-date information regarding the possibility of selling this product or other kratom-containing products in your store. 

Do They Supply a Display Case? 

Wholesale purchasers of the products can select to have display cases for their stores. The cases will take very little floor space yet will garner the attention of your customers as they step foot into your store, provided that you place the display case at an optimal location within your establishment. You can obtain more detailed information regarding the sizes of the various display cases available when you work with the sales staff through the company's website. 

Is There a Return Policy?

Since new wholesale clients such as yourself may be a bit apprehensive about purchasing new products in bulk, many companies have refund policies in place, which may give you some incentive to go ahead and order the products without first trying them yourself. When placing a wholesale order, be sure to understand what the return policy is of the company so you will know how long you will have to return the unused product for a full refund, if necessary.  

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