5 Reasons To Consider Custom Alterations Of Your Wardrobe

16 May 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

Tailors don't just make new clothing or alter formal wear. You can have custom alterations done on nearly any quality clothing item, from casual wear to office wear or beyond. There are several reasons to consider the service. 

1. Custom Fit at Discount Prices

Having quality clothing made custom can be very expensive, often costing thousands of dollars. A high-quality off-the-rack garment, on the other hand, can be purchased for a fraction of the cost. Custom alterations of these lower-cost off-the-rack items will still only cost a fraction of a fully custom item, so the result is massive savings for the same quality of materials and fit. 

2. Old Favorites Stay in Service

When you have a favorite piece, it can be hard to let it go. This is especially true for items that are still in excellent condition but no longer fit properly due to weight gain or loss. A skilled tailor can adjust the fit while maintaining the lines and comfort of the garment. This saves you money on purchasing new and it ensures your favorite pieces can remain a functional part of your wardrobe. 

3. Update Outdated Styles

Styles come and go, and unfortunately not every well-made garment is an instant classic. An overly long hemline, too wide collars, and other small design elements can make a favorite piece of clothing outdated and out of fashion. Minor alterations are typically inexpensive but the result is inspiring. For example, something as simple as altering a collar can turn an unfashionable shirt into a classic item that will serve your wardrobe well for decades.

4. Comfort Comes With a Good Fit

Sometimes clothing, even high-quality items, is simply uncomfortable aware. A too high crotch or an overly tight waist are two common examples of this problem. Instead of getting rid of the item, save time and money and have the clothing altered. Not only will minor alterations make your clothing more comfortable to wear, but they will also ensure the items drape properly for the best look.

5. Take Advantage of Clothing Deals

One issue with shopping sales or looking at high-end consignment stores is that the off-the-rack fit isn't always the best. This may make it seem impossible to save money on higher-quality pieces. Rest assured that a skilled tailor can easily alter clothing that doesn't fit just right. You can save lots of money by shopping sales and then having alterations done. Just make sure to choose clothing that almost fits or is slightly too big, as it can be more difficult to alter clothing that is overly small. 

Contact a tailor to learn more about the types of custom alterations that are available.