Complete The Display: Why You Should Choose Custom Framing For Your Artwork

15 April 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you have artwork that you want to display, don't settle for the generic frames you can find at most big box stores. Instead, invest in custom frames for your artwork. Generic frames do well for standard photographs and documents. However, if you want to display your artwork in the best light, you need to choose custom framing instead. If you're not sure how you'll benefit from choosing custom framing for your artwork, read the information provided below. You'll find three important reasons to choose custom frames to display your artwork. 

Enhance the Beauty

If you want to focus on the intricate details of your artwork, you've got to choose the right frame. You might think that any generic frame will provide the aesthetic appeal you need for your artwork, but that's not the case. Standard frames are designed using a one-style-fits-all approach. While this works for generic photographs, documents, and art, it won't work for custom artwork. For that, you need to take a custom approach. Choosing custom framing will allow you to choose wood, color, and design that will enhance the beauty of your artwork. 

Ensure the Right Fit

If you're going to display custom artwork, you need to choose custom framing. You might not realize this but custom artwork doesn't always come in standard sizes. But, standard frames are designed to fit standard sizes, such as 8x10. Unfortunately, that means your artwork might not fit properly. You could trim the edges of your artwork to ensure a good fit, but that can damage the art and undermine the value of the piece. That's why you need to choose custom framing for your artwork. Your custom frames will be designed to fit the specific size requirements for your artwork. 

Prevent Sun Damage

If you have artwork to display, you want to prevent sun damage. This is especially important if your artwork will be exposed to the sun on a regular basis, such as can happen in a room with east or west-facing windows. Unfortunately, standard frames don't always include UV-protected glass, which means your artwork might suffer sun damage. That's where custom framing comes into the picture. When you choose custom framing, you can ensure that UV-protected glass is used. As a result, your artwork will be protected against fading and other types of sun damage. 

Don't sell yourself short on the frames for your artwork. To display your artwork in the best light possible, choose custom framing. Contact a local custom framing service to learn more.