Use Wooden Pallets for These Dog-Related Projects

22 January 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

With a few simple tools, a bit of your time, and a large number of wooden pallets, you can build all sorts of structures for your family to use—including your four-legged family members. If you have a couple of dogs that spend much of the day in your yard, you may wish to think about several pallet-related projects to build for them. These projects can range from functional to fun. Find a local pallet distributor, estimate the number and styles you'll need for your projects, and then place your order. Here are just a few dog-related projects that you can use wooden pallets.

1. Fencing

Dogs that wander away from their family's property can be a concern for owners, but it might not be practical or cost-effective to but a large fence around your entire yard's perimeter. One option to consider is using several wooden pallets to construct a fenced-in area for your dogs in a specific part of your yard. If this area is large enough, your pets will be able to get plenty of exercise—and the enclosed nature of this space means that you won't need to worry about them traveling out of your yard. You may even wish to invite neighbors and their dogs over to allow the dogs to all play together in this space.

2. Doghouses 

For dogs that spend a lot of time outside, having access to doghouses is ideal. These spaces can provide shelter from the sun and the rain when needed, as well as a dedicated area in which your dogs can get some rest. You can construct a doghouse for each of your dogs—or build one larger structure that will accommodate all of them—out of pallets. Pallets can serve as the walls and the floor, and you can buy shingles or a small piece of metal roofing to use as the roof.

3. Agility Devices

If your dogs are energetic and love the various agility devices that you might find at a local dog park, you can construct some similar structures with wooden pallets. Ramps, platforms, and other structures can all provide fun challenges for your dogs—ideally, to help them burn off their excess energy so that they're settled down by the time you bring them back into your house in the evening. Your local pallet dealer can provide all of the pallets that you need for these and other projects.