Portable Restroom Options For A Hunting Trip

23 November 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Living off of the land and appreciating the natural beauty that your campsite provides may be what encourages you to go on annual hunting trips. If one of the drawbacks associated with each outing relates to the lack of a toilet facility, explore portable restroom options that will accommodate you and anyone who will be attending the next hunting excursion with you.

A Portable Flushing Or Non-Flushing Model

A portable flushing toilet will consist of a toilet seat, a waste container, and a water reservoir. The design of this type of toilet will allow you to mimic the same motions you would with a toilet that is connected to plumbing. The only difference is that the water reservoir will only be adequate for a set number of flushes.

During the flushing process, liquid and solid waste is removed from the toilet bowl and is dispensed into a holding tank. At the end of a camping trip, waste will need to be placed inside of a biodegradable bag that is designed for human waste. This type of bag will neutralize odors and turn waste into a gel like substance, which can be deposited into a trash receptacle.

A non-flushing portable toilet will be designed similarly to a flushing one, but will lack a water reservoir and will solely act as a temporary place to store liquid and solid waste. Since you won't have flushing access with this type of toilet, you may want to consider purchasing built-in bag liners, which can be secured around the bowl portion of a toilet, to collect waste as it is deposited into the bowl.

A Stand-Up Rental Unit Or A Trailer

Some rental facilities that supply residential and commercial toilets that are portable will service areas in the wilderness. The main things to consider are how easy it is to access the campsite and whether or not the property that you are staying on is private or publicly-owned.

You may be able to have a rental toilet set up on public land, but you will need to check with the property owner first. The owner may have rules about where a toilet should be set up and limits associated with the size of the toilet that a camper can utilize.

A stand-up rental unit will consist of a single commode that is surrounded by metal walls that comprise the unit's exterior. A rental trailer will serve multiple people at the same time, but you will likely need access to electric to operate the facilities.

For more information about portable restrooms, contact a local business that provides them.