Three Reasons To Rent A Log Splitter

29 October 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

If your home is equipped with a fireplace and you own a large property with plenty of trees, you might occasionally cut down dead trees to use as fuel for the winter. Cutting a tree down can be a labor-intensive project, and the work doesn't end when the tree hits the ground. Next, you'll need to cut the tree into fireplace-sized logs, then split the larger logs so that they'll fit with ease into your fireplace. While you can split logs with an ax or a sledgehammer and some splitting wedges, you should alternatively consider renting a log splitter from your local equipment rental service. Here are some benefits of using this piece of equipment.

It's Less Labor Intensive

Splitting logs by hand is a job that takes a lot of energy. Whether you're using an ax or a sledgehammer, raising this heavy tool over your head and swinging it down toward the log countless times is difficult and exhausting. When you use a log splitter for this job, you'll expend far less energy. Generally, using this equipment is as simple as placing a log on the log cradle, and then pressing a button to push the splitting wedge through the log.

It's Safer

Whenever you handle an ax or a sledgehammer, there's a risk of hurting yourself. Splitting logs with these tools have an element of danger, and this can especially be true when you're getting tired or you lose your concentration. You could inadvertently miss the log and hit yourself in the leg with the ax or sledgehammer, resulting in a serious injury. Additionally, the physical exertion that is required to swing these tools can result in injuries to your back, shoulders, or arms. Provided that you review the safety instructions before you begin to use your rented log splitter, you'll be able to complete the job safely.

It's Faster

Turning an entire tree into fireplace-sized wood can take a long time, and if you've cut down a few trees around your property, you can expect to invest a considerable amount of your time into splitting the wood. For anyone who has a busy life, devoting perhaps a day or more to splitting logs by hand may not be feasible. When you use a rented log splitter for this work, you'll be able to get the job done in a fraction of the time that it would take you by hand. Visit your local equipment rental service to learn more about log splitters.