3 Steps To Successfully Sending Your Artwork To Buyers

11 September 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Have you been creating beautiful pieces of art? As an artist, you might want to turn your hobby into something you can profit from by selling different pieces online and shipping them to your buyers. You may have already listed your artwork on various sites, but are now looking for ways to send them without damaging them. Follow the steps mentioned below, and you can successfully send your artwork to buyers with ease while making sure each piece arrives in impeccable condition.

1. Purchase Mailing Tubes

When selling certain types of artwork, such as drawings or paintings, you want to keep these items from bending while they are in transit. If you put them in large boxes or envelopes, there is always a possibility that something can happen to them that would ruin the quality of the piece. The best way to avoid that is to purchase and use mailing tubes. The mailing tubes are available in various sizes, some of which are longer and even a bit wider than others. However, they all serve the purpose of allowing you to ship drawings, paintings, and other pieces without tarnishing them. You can choose from clear plastic tubes or corrugated tubes made from a thick and durable material.

2. Secure the Artwork in the Tube With Lids

Your mailing tubes should come with caps that fit perfectly to seal the tube and keep the artwork from falling out while it is transit. While you do need to put the lids in place, you should take extra steps to keep them secure. A simple way to keep the lids safe to prevent anything from falling from the mailing tube is to use heavy-duty shipping tape or packaging tape that sticks tightly and does not budge.

3. Make a Mailing Label and Attach It

You need to have a mailing label on your mailing tube to send it out and get it to the buyer. Instead of taking the traditional route of writing on the tube, you can make a custom mailing label with a neat design that gets your buyers excited about receiving their package and opening it. After you create the label, print it and add it to the mailing tube with the same tape you used to keep the lids in place.

If selling artwork is what you plan to do, knowing how to send it in a way where it will not get damaged is a must. You can use mailing tubes for your artwork to protect it from getting bent and damaged. If you do choose to use the mailing tubes, add tape to the end lids to keep the artwork protected and add a custom mailing label to the front of these tubes before you take them over to the post office.