Why Clients Choose Managed IT Systems

12 May 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

IT is a core part of many businesses and organizations these days. Dealing with it, however, can be an absolute nightmare. That applies to operations big and small, and managed IT provided by outside companies has become one of the more common solutions. Here's why many folks are choosing managed IT systems over self-service options or paying for jobs one at a time.


Lots of businesses have someone working there who ends up being the de facto IT person. This individual is likely not certified to do the job, and they may struggle to deal with the IT questions posed to them.

Experience matters. The IT landscape is constantly changing, and it's best to use an infrastructure that's maintained by professionals who understand where things are headed.

Controlling Costs

Entering into a managed IT agreement is a good way to set a monthly cost. Instead of getting slammed with big bills when emergencies appear, you'll spread the costs out across the calendar. Additionally, licensing of software is often better controlled when going through a third party because they often can get discounted rates by licensing more users than you can.

When you require help, you also won't be put on the schedule. Your work will be prioritized because you have a contract.

Fast Rollouts of Patches and Upgrades

Nothing is a bigger threat to your systems than running out-of-date software. Managed IT systems are designed to allow the technicians assigned the job to do quick rollouts of patches and upgrades. Every time a security update appears for your machines' operating systems, for example, it will be implemented in as seamless a manner as possible.

Compliance and Security

Modern IT systems have to be compliant with government and industry standards. A business that does e-commerce, for example, has to comply with the payment card industry's standards for privacy and security. Folks who handle medical information have to be HIPAA-compliant. Anyone with business interests involving user data from people in Europe has to comply with the GDPR.

That's a lot to keep tabs on. Managed IT pros, however, can help you stay current with all developments on the compliance and security fronts.

Freeing Up Team Members

Your employees should be doing their jobs, not messing around with IT systems. Even if you have an internal IT staff, they can be freed up for projects that require personal attention while leaving the mundane stuff to the managed IT team.