How To Ensure Your Upcoming Residential Move Goes Smoothly

15 April 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Are you planning to move in the near future, but want to make sure that the process does not drag out for hours? If so, it helps to know these tips to ensure that the move goes smoothly and quickly. 

Finish Your Packing The Day Before

A common mistake that people make when moving, especially when hiring professional movers, is leaving a lot of their packing for the day of the move. Chances are that packing is going to take a lot longer than you anticipate, especially when you are under pressure to finish before the movers are done loading the truck with everything else. 

Always get your packing done the night before so that you can sit back and relax on your moving day. Remember that movers are paid by the hour, so time that they spend waiting around on you will end up costing you in the end. 

Stage Boxes For Removal

With all your boxes packed the day before the move, it will help to stage them in a place that will make it easy for the movers to get to everything quickly. If you leave them throughout your home in the rooms that they were packed in, it just causes movers to need to navigate all your stairs and waste time fetching boxes.

Consider staging the boxes in your garage so that they can be immediately loaded onto the moving truck. Don't have a garage? Put everything in your living room near the front door. You'll be surprised when the boxes are moved out of your home in a matter of minutes.

Disassemble Large Furniture

It will also help to disassemble your large furniture prior to the movers arriving. You'll want to do things like taking the legs off of a dining room table or disassembling the bed frames and putting the mattress on the floor for the last night. Disassembling these items take time, and doing them the night before can help ensure that you do it in an organized way. 

Make sure that bolts are screwed back into the items so that you do not lose them. If that is not possible, put the screws and bolts for each item in a marked plastic bag so that you can easily locate them later. Your movers will handle the safe transport of the individual pieces by protecting them and fitting them in the moving truck.

Reach out to your moving company for more tips on how to make the job go smoothly.