The Best Security Checklist for Office Managers

31 January 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

When it comes to managing an office, there is nothing more important than security for your business and for your employees and customers. If there is a problem with security, it can seriously affect your business's success and your employee's and customer's safety financially, physically, and mentally. Here's a checklist for office managers to consider when it comes to ensuring that their office is a safe environment:

  • Access Management: First off, you may consider installing an entrance that is controlled with access management. This ensures that no one can enter the office who does not have permission. The staff will need entrance keys, swipe cards, or other identification keys and guests will need to be authorized by the front desk. This is the best way to ensure that you are not putting your employee's in harm by allowing someone enter who may be dangerous. 
  • An Alarm System: All businesses no matter how big or small should have an alarm system installed. If there is no alarm system, then if a break-in occurs, your office is in jeopardy of losing valuable business assets. You should have your alarm system set up to immediately notify the officials so that your office is properly secured by the authorities. This is likely to deter potential burglars anyway, which keeps your business even safer. 
  • Security Guard: Having a security guard at the front entrance of your office building is also something to consider if you work in a dangerous area or if you are a large company that can seriously lose a lot if the wrong people get their hands on your business assets. The physical presence of a security guard is a sure way to keep your business safe, as well as your employees. You can even use their services to ensure that the right people are escorted out of the building before any harm is done. 
  • Security Cameras: Security cameras are essential, especially if you run a larger company. The security cameras can capture footage of the perpetrators so that they are caught and held responsible. Besides, the presence of security cameras is just another way to deter theft in your office. 

When you consider all of these security features on this checklist, you can be sure that you are making the right call for protecting your business in the best way possible. This will protect you and make your employees feel safe and comfortable in their working environment, which is important for production. For more information on how to secure your business, contact a company, such as Security Services Northwest, Inc.