3 Reasons A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Is Usually The Best Choice

29 April 2016
 Categories: Business, Articles

If you need to rent a storage unit for furniture, antiques, clothing, or other types of personal belongings, it might be worthwhile to pay a little extra each month for a climate-controlled unit. The main perk of climate-controlled units is the even temperature they offer all year round; however, there are several other perks that you should know about that may help you realize that the extra fee you will pay will be extremely beneficial.

Increased Security

One of the differences between regular storage units and climate-controlled units is the security they offer. A regular storage unit will typically have its door outside. This will allow you to pull your car right up to the unit if you need to drop something off or pick something up, but it may not provide a lot of extra security.  

In order for facilities to offer climate-controlled units, they typically construct the buildings in a way that makes heating and cooling the units more efficient. To do this, they will place the units inside a building and the only access to the units will be indoors. Because of this, your goods will typically be more secure. It would offer an extra layer of protection against anyone that may try to break in and damage or steal your belongings.

Fewer Pest Problems

A second benefit you might not realize involves the pests that can enter your unit. Pests, such as bugs and rodents, will have a much easier time entering into a storage unit that has an exterior door only. Bugs and rodents can squeeze through the smallest openings you can imagine, and there is a much higher chance that you will have bugs and rodents in a regular storage unit.

Because climate-controlled units only have interior doors, bugs and rodents are not as likely to find their way in. They would have to enter into the building first, and then they would have to make their way into your unit.

Pests like these can cause a lot of damage to wood, cardboard, and fabric if they get inside your unit. If you want to avoid finding damage from pests, choosing a climate-controlled unit would be the better choice to make.

Reduced Risk Of Water And Moisture

Not only does an even temperature offer a barrier to moisture issues, but the fact that temperature-controlled units are located indoors also makes a difference. If you compare both options, you will find that a regular unit is much more susceptible to water leaking in. If there is a bad rainstorm, there is a chance that water could penetrate through the sides or bottom of the door on a traditional unit. This is not something you would have to worry about as much with an indoor temperature-controlled unit.

When water or moisture gets into a unit, it will be trapped inside. This can cause warping and bowing of wooden furniture, and it can also cause mildew and mold to begin forming. If you choose a traditional type of storage unit, you will have to take a lot of extra steps to protect the things you store in it. For example, wood furniture will be better protected in an unheated storage unit if it is cleaned thoroughly with furniture oil before it is stored. You then may need to cover the items with sheets to keep them further protected. You would not have to take these extra steps with a climate-controlled unit.

As you begin looking for the right storage unit to rent, make sure you consider the things listed here. Regular units may be slightly cheaper in price, but they will not offer the benefits that you can obtain by renting a climate-controlled unit. To learn more, contact a storage unit facility in your area today, such as I-70 Self Storage