3 Ways To Get The Most From Your Commercial Security System

8 June 2015
 Categories: Business, Articles

When it comes to your commercial security, you can never be too safe. Many small business owners are keen to maximize their system's potential, but how exactly can this be done? Below are three ways to boost your commercial security system's performance:

Integrate Your Fire Alarm and Security Systems

Many businesses don't realize fire alarms and security systems can be integrated to form one robust monitoring system for their commercial site. However, the benefits of having your entire site monitored by one integrated system can have tangible benefits for your company.

For one, integrating your fire alarm and security systems can help control your site in the event of a fire. An integrated system can ensure specific doors are locked or opened when the fire alarm rings, increasing the safety of employees on-site. Additionally, if you have fireproof doors, this can help contain the source of the flames and stop the fire spreading throughout your site.

Another benefit of an integrated system is CCTV-monitoring companies will be alerted if the fire alarm sounds. A skilled operator can then navigate through the various cameras on-site and find the source of the fire. This will allow them to alert the necessary authorities, giving them additional details on where the fire started and how far it has spread. Not only does this reduce the risk of firefighters tackling a problem "blind," it increases the efficiency of extinguishing procedures as the fire services can get to the root of the problem immediately.

Enable Video Monitoring

The widespread use of tablets and smartphones has dramatically increased the efficiency of security systems used throughout the world. One of the ways in which you can take advantage of these devices is by enabling video monitoring on your company's security system. This will allow you to monitor and control your company's entire security system from your smartphone or tablet device.

Not only does video monitoring allow you to login and view current CCTV footage, it can also be automated to send important information to your handset when specific activity occurs. For example, you could receive notifications on your cell-phone whenever a certain door in your site is opened. This will allow you to check who is on-site at that time and whether or not they should have access to that specific room.

Enabling video monitoring can increase your flexibility and peace of mind while out-of-office. Knowing that any problems will be reported directly to your handset will allow you to relax much more easily when you're off-site for business or recreational purposes.

Install Timer Tests

Hopefully you have used a monitoring station to keep track of your security systems and any alarms sounded. If so, then you should definitely consider installing timer tests to keep things running smoothly. 

Timer tests are a great way to ensure any problems in your commercial security system are highlighted and rectified immediately. Although not required, they can add an additional layer of safety onto your security system to allow you peace of mind when out-of-office.

These timers work by sending automated signals to the monitoring station that lets the station know your alarms are working. Although this may seem like a small benefit, these handy pieces of equipment can ensure your system is entirely covered in case of emergency. For example, if someone cuts your phone lines to stop communications being transmitted before breaking into your site, you would have no idea this occurred unless your alarms were sounded. By using timer tests, signals are generated at predefined intervals, allowing your monitoring station to assess whether or not your communications have been compromised. 

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