Cardboard Of The Future? 2 Box Innovations That Might Make A Difference During Your Next Move

4 June 2015
 Categories: Business, Articles

Anyone who has ever moved understands the struggle. As you heft boxes across un-level terrain and search for missing moving supplies, it can be easy to get frustrated. However, you don't have to let your move get the better of you. By taking advantage of the latest and greatest cardboard box designs, you might be able to enjoy a more pleasant experience. You may already know that corrugated boxes provide more support than regular cardboard, but there are other options too. Here are two box innovations that might make a difference during your next relocation:

1: Ergonomic Designs

Packing is one thing, but moving heavy boxes is another ballgame. After you carefully arrange your dishtowels, mugs, and kitchen appliances inside of a packing container, you might find yourself wincing with pain as you lift it from the ground and then carry it to your truck. Fortunately, some cardboard manufacturers have designed ergonomic varieties, so that you can stay comfortable.

For example, a man named Will Scott set out to completely redesign the cardboard box in 2010. In order to make it easier to transport objects, Scott designed a box with a sturdy handle so that people could lift boxes without having to use both hands to maneuver packages. He also worked with manufacturers to reduce the amount of cardboard used in the rest of the packaging, so that the box prices stayed in line with market trends. Other manufacturers have focused on designing simple cut-outs on the sides of cardboard boxes, making it easier to move boxes. Because these cutouts are typically near the top of the package, people don't have to stoop as low to lift boxes loaded with materials.

Although it might seem like a luxury to spring for ergonomic cardboard boxes, these packages could help you and your family members to stay safe during your relocation. With lower back pain being the single leading cause of disability worldwide, anything you can do to reduce your chances for injury is a good investment.

2: Tape-Free Varieties

Believe it or not, some cardboard box manufacturers are even taking tape out of the equation. By calculating estimated loads and using basic architectural principles, two American undergrad students have created a single, die-cut piece of cardboard that can be folded into a sturdy box without the use of tape. Here are a few reasons this might make your life a little easier during your next move:

  • Speed: Where did that tape gun go? If you are tired of hunting down moving supplies and trying to scrape away that exposed tape edge, tape-free boxes might be right for you. In addition to being incredibly convenient, tape-free boxes might also speed up the packing process.
  • Safety: If you have small children, then you know how dangerous any sharp edge can be. Unfortunately, traditional tape guns typically boast a sharp, rigid edge that helps you to cut tape in an instant. However, by using tape-free boxes, you can keep sharp objects out of the reach of your children.
  • Cost: If safety and convenience aren't enough to convince you to try the tape-free variety, consider the impact fewer supplies might have on your checkbook. By investing in better boxes, you might be able to avoid buying rolls of tape, tape guns, and even scissors to get the job done.

If you are worried about tape-free boxes being difficult to assemble, you shouldn't be. Manufacturers print clear instructions right on the die-cut piece of cardboard, so that you can make sense of those strangely shaped sides in an instant. After a few folds, compiling those moving boxes might become second nature.

By investing in cutting-edge cardboard boxes, you might be able to enjoy your relocation, while contributing to small businesses who are trying to change the world—one box at a time.