4 Ways You Can Use An Air Compressor To Take Care Of Your Vehicle

2 June 2015
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It is important to take care of your vehicle to keep it running its best and have it last as long as possible. Work smarter, not harder, to do some of this vehicle care, and use air-powered tools to help clean and maintain your vehicle. Here are four jobs you can complete to clean and maintain your vehicle using your air compressor.

Wash Your Vehicle's Exterior

After you have driven your vehicle all week to work or running errands, you should take some time to wash your vehicle. Use your air compressor power washer to wash the exterior of your vehicle. The high powered sprayer can easily clean off squashed bugs and other spots your vehicle collected during driving. Make sure you use a white tip nozzle for a 40 degree spray to wash your vehicle without stripping the paint off its exterior.  

Clean Your Vehicle's Undercarriage

Washing the undercarriage on your vehicle is just as important as washing and waxing your vehicle's paint. The undercarriage of your vehicle can get bombarded with mud, road salt, and gravel that you may not even see, leaving its surface in need of a good washing. When mud is left on your vehicle's underside, the mud can hold in moisture, which can cause rock scratches and dings to rust and corrode. It is important to wash underneath your vehicle and inside the wheel wells with your air compressor power washer with the 40 degree nozzle to clean off any mud that has become caked on. 

During the winter, it is important for you to wash the underside of your vehicle and its wheel wells with an air compressor pressure washer to wash off any ice melt or road salt. As you drive, salt that has dissolved in water on the road can splash up onto the underside of your vehicle to speed up the oxidation process on your vehicle's metal parts. Then, the salt dries on your vehicle's undercarriage and does not go away, but remains and attracts even more water with which it reacts again to form more metal oxide. Metal oxide is rust, and you don't want it anywhere on your vehicle, so spray salt off with your high powered air compressor washer. 

Wash Your Vehicle's Floor Mats

If your vehicle has dirty floor mats, pull them out of the vehicle for cleaning. Lay the mats on a hard or concrete surface, such as your driveway, and use the 40 degree nozzle of your air compressor power washer to spray the floor mats until they are clean. This works for carpeted floor mats or rubber floor mats. Allow your floor mats to dry in the sun if it is warm weather, or you can hang them to dry in your bathtub or laundry room.

Fill Up Your Vehicle's Tires

An air compressor can be helpful to fill up your vehicle's tires if they are low in air pressure. Use the air compressor along with a tire gauge to properly fill the tires to their capacity. Having your tires properly inflated will help your vehicle's tires wear evenly and help your vehicle have good handling and stability. 

The average tire pressure for tires today is between 44 and 51 PSI. Because you can lose 1 PSI every 30 days on your vehicle's tires, it is a good idea to check and refill them with your air compressor every few months. If you are not sure how much tire pressures your vehicle's tires need to be fully inflated, you can check your vehicle owner's manual. You can also check the tire placard sticker on the inside edge of your vehicle door. 

Use your air compressor to help you do these four jobs to clean and maintain your vehicle. For more information about air compressors and all of their uses, you may want to visit http://www.benscleaner.com.