Four Fun And Easy Ways To Turn A Printer Into Your Own Small Business

21 May 2015
 Categories: Business, Articles

Entrepreneurship has seemingly gripped the entire country and if you've caught this bug, but don't have a whole lot of time or money to sink into a startup, consider putting your printer to work for you. Even if you don't yet have a printer at home, your initial costs can still be very low and set up is fast and easy. Here are four ways to feed your entrepreneur fever with printers, some paper and a dab of creativity.

Making Business Cards

Business cards are still highly effective, often used tools, provided they are crafted properly. One of the best things about running this type of business is that your card advertises your company. Many stores will allow you to post a card on a bulletin board or leave it on the counter, so promoting may be very economical.

All you need to start is a good printer, the right paper and a template, which you can find online for free. This isn't as easy an operation as it sounds to succeed at, though, as you will need to research your local competition and constantly promote the business. Also, you should give yourself an artistic advantage by studying how effective different colors and layouts are for representing different kinds of companies.

Crafting Personalized Stationary Gift Sets

Despite the popularity of electronic correspondence, people are using the old-fashioned method of communicating in droves, and not just the old-fashioned personality types either. Letters written by hand are thoughtful and more meaningful than email, so you have quite a market for this kind of product.

The paper you start with will be more expensive than normal plain sheets, because color and printed designs are what will sell your creations. You could promote yourself to a number of businesses in town by offering them free samples. Additionally, you should build a website where it will be easy to see the vast selection of colors and designs your company is capable of producing.

Selling Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers aren't just for wild people who love to shock others with messages on the backs of their vehicles, they're also for any company that wishes to advertise its services. Politicians need the stickers printed for them, as do local schools and other organizations. There are many potential customers you could target, either in person around town or on the web.

Materials are relatively cheap to come by and once you learn the process of turning words into bumper stickers, you can produce en masse on the weekends or after your regular nine-to-five job. As with business cards, the product you specialize in, bumper stickers, can be an ad themselves, so slap one on every vehicle in the family as a means of getting the word out.

Creating Greeting Cards

If you have a little Pablo Picasso in you, consider offering your services to others in the form of hand-crafted greeting cards. The pictures can be easily made using an online program that allows you to use any color or tool, such as a brush or sketch pencil, and your printer will allow you to insert an appropriate greeting inside of the card.

This type of business will promote itself over time as people ask your customers where they got such a wonderful work of art. Everyone has a birthday, and holidays abound all year long, so you'll never be at a loss for occasions. Also, you could whip up a few examples of cards that need no special day, such as something that says "I Love You" just because, or greetings that generate smiles and laughter, which is something nearly everyone needs more of these days.

New business is booming and you can have one of your very own. Put some thought into a plan, get your equipment together and hit the ground running. While you may only earn pocket change at first, many a millionaire began their journey in a basement, too.