Mold Growth In The Home Isn’t Safe

6 December 2018
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When mold is growing in your home, it is often discovered once the mold has been able to spread throughout the home. Small areas of mold growth are hard to identify, and it isn't until someone in the home begins to have a reaction to the mold that it is finally discovered. If you are buying a new home or you are concerned about the potential of mold growth in your current home, it's time to get the mold levels tested in your home. Read More 

The Most Common Treatment Options For Pica

3 September 2018
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If you find yourself eating objects that are not considered food, you might be suffering from pica. Pica is a condition that mostly affects children, but some adults also struggle with it. Two of the most common things adults consume is clay and dirt. However, you might also consume fingernails, hair, plastic, wood, chalk, wire, strings, and paper. A common disorder that can cause pica is obsessive-compulsive disorder.  The Role of Your Physician Read More 

3 Reasons You Should Be Concerned About Viruses With Your Business Telephone System

27 February 2018
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Having an integrated business telephone system in the modern age means your system is directly interactive with your computer network. The idea of having a phone system that is this advanced is that it simplifies work processes within a business setting by making it capable for the two systems to work together. Unfortunately, having a phone system that works with your computer system also means the phone system is as vulnerable to technical issues and threats as your computer network. Read More