3 Ways to Minimize Housekeeping Staff Turnovers

21 October 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

Jobs in the cleaning industry aren't exactly easy. Often time, these roles require a great deal of physical labor and long hours. However, whether you need a housekeeping staff to keep a corporate office clean, a hotel, or any other business — it's important to minimize turnovers. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to work towards this goal.

1. Express Your Appreciation

Again, cleaning up after other people isn't an easy task. While competitive pay and a healthy benefits package is a way to let your staff know they're appreciated, it's not enough to keep good employees on board. 

Show your appreciation for the staff by taking measures to protect them, such as providing a face mask for the staff to use when handling harmful chemicals. Including a representative from the department at your regular operation meetings is also a good idea, as it lets the team know you care about their concerns and that you are prepared to take action to fix any issues that are presented.

2. Invest in Proper Equipment

The right tools and equipment can greatly reduce the workload of a housekeeping team. For instance, invest in commercial-grade large surface area mops and brooms, rather than standard options. Commercial-grade cleaning tools are designed for heavier use, which makes them more durable, and their larger attachments allow them to cover more floor space in less time.

High-capacity vacuums that require minimal emptying and automatic floor cleaners that work on different floor types are additional investments to consider. An investment in equipment allows the team to work more efficiently, which ultimately helps your bottom line.

3. Set Consistent Schedules

All your employees have a life and obligations outside of work, even your housekeeping staff. Particularly when it comes to hotels and other hospitality-based businesses, you need to have housekeeping staff on-hand almost twenty-four hours a day. However, from week-to-week, employees shouldn't be required to work without any idea what their schedule will look like from week-to-week. 

Set a permanent schedule for each team member, such as three days a week for 10 hours, but require a few on-call days throughout the month. This scenario provides you with the full-time coverage you need but doesn't exhaust the team and gives them consistency.

Do you need assistance with hiring housekeepers for your facility, a staffing housekeeping agency can help. Contact an agency representative to discuss your needs and discover how this partnership can help you.