Own A Retail Store? Why You Should Lighten Up The Atmosphere With Reggae Music

26 July 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you own a retail store, the ambiance is everything. Customers come in looking to make purchases, and if the mood is right and they can find what they're looking for, you can expect them to spend, spend, spend. As you look around your store, you might be searching for ways to create the perfect environment that a person would love to come into. There are many roads you can take, but the options below should put you well on your way to developing an amazing shopping facility that both the guests and staff will love.

Jam It Up With Live Reggae Music 

Music plays a critical role in determining the vibe in your store. A 1982 study showed that when music was played in a supermarket, the shoppers stayed in the building 34 percent longer, and this led to more sales. That is a serious figure, and if you want to capitalize on it, you definitely need the right tunes to make it happen.

So, the question becomes this: what kind of music should you play if you really want to appeal to the customers? Pop music may not be the best choice because if people get too consumed with the latest tunes, they might start singing, and this can get them caught up in the music rather than in what you have to offer. 

Reggae is an amazing style of music that combines all of the right elements to create the perfect blend of smooth and relaxing yet upbeat rhythms that are sure to drive sales. Instead of being heavy on the beat or fast-paced and stressful, reggae tunes tend to be extremely laid-back, giving customers a chance to enjoy their shopping experiences and get those cash registers singing.

Keep The Music Going With A Streaming Radio Station

When you're playing the reggae music you want to make sure it goes nonstop. There are now live reggae music radio stations out there that you can tune into for 24/7 music. No need to worry about switching from station to station. You can set it to a smooth reggae channel and watch as your guests bob their heads to the beat as they fill their carts with products galore.

When you start playing live reggae music in your store, you may just start a phenomenon. Visitors can get the word out, and before you know it, some people will stop by just to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that you have created.