Baubles, Bangles, And Beads, Oh My! The Benefits Of Pre-Owned Jewelry

14 April 2019
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Most people enjoy quality jewelry, even those who aren't true aficionados. Whether you are a jewelry devotee or just appreciate a few quality pieces, pre-owned jewelry has several advantages over new jewelry. Here is a look at five reasons to consider buying used rather than new.

A Unique Selection Is Available

When you go into a retail jewelry store, you will see everything that is currently in style. If white or rose gold is more popular at the time than traditional gold, the styles on display will reflect that. If modern art is all the rage, jewelry pieces will be modern as well. With pre-owned jewelry, you aren't limited by what the current jewelry trends dictate is popular. Instead, you will have a wide range of styles to choose from.

You Can Find Vintage Pieces

Some people simply adore the fashions of the past. Whether it is antique furniture, clothing, or jewelry, these pieces represent a specific place in history, capturing forever a moment in time. If you love the mystery of wondering who wore a stunning diamond ring before you or love thinking about who the faded photo in a heart-shaped locket may be, vintage jewelry is right for you. Pre-owned jewelry often comes from estate sales and auctions and provides the perfect opportunity to own a piece from times gone by.

You Can Define Your Unique Identity  

Some people, perhaps even most, want to fit in with everyone else. They want the popular things and the things that the masses want; they don't want to be different. And that's okay. But other people want to stand out from the rest. They don't want to imitate everyone else. They don't want a cookie cutter persona. Instead, they want something that is truly exceptional, a one-of-a kind rarity. Pre-owned jewelry will allow these people to choose from exquisite, uncommon pieces. Rather than sporting a style others have, you can be a trendsetter in your own right, creating your own personal jewelry fashion statement. For example, over time, you may become known for your whimsical pin collection.

You'll Be Making The Green Choice

Purchasing pre-owned jewelry in the environmentally-friendly thing to do. You'll be helping to save on natural resources as well as landfill space by choosing to recycle a piece of pre-owned jewelry.

You Can Save Money

One of the biggest advantages of pre-owned jewelry is it is often less expensive than new jewelry. That doesn't make it any less valuable, in fact older jewelry is often of superior quality. It simply reflects that the economy often places higher prices on new things over less new things. You, the customer, benefit as a result.

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