Things To Consider Before Investing In A Portable Cabin

25 March 2019
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If you would like somewhere sturdier than a tent to stay when you visit your land or go camping, a portable cabin might be a good choice. Purchasing a portable cabin saves you the time and money involved with building a more permanent cabin structure. However, portable cabins are not necessarily for everyone, and there is a range of options to choose from. As such, you should make sure you keep these factors in mind as you consider buying a portable cabin.

1. You'll need a vehicle to haul the cabin.

If you plan on moving the cabin around at all, then you will need a suitable vehicle to pull it. Most often, people end up mounting the cabin on a flatbed trailer and towing the trailer with a truck. If you already have a truck and trailer, this should not be a major issue. On the other hand, if you currently drive a two-door coupe, you'll need to include the cost of a truck and trailer when you figure out how much a portable cabin will really cost you.

2. If you're not planning to move the cabin, there are other affordable alternatives.

Is your plan to plunk the cabin down on a certain piece of land, and never move it? This is probably a more affordable approach than building a cabin from scratch, but there may even be some more affordable alternatives to consider. Pre-assembled sheds and cabins can be bought for less than portable ones sometimes, especially if you buy one pre-owned. You may also be able to build a cabin cheaply from old barn wood. Portable cabins are a good deal for those who need to move their cabin -- but they're not always the best deal if your intention is to keep the structure in one place.

3. You will need to accommodate the toilet.

Most portable cabins come with the interior setup for a vacuum toilet. However, you will often need to separately purchase a tank, which you can place outside the cabin to accommodate waste from the toilet. If your plan is to place the cabin on public camping sites, they may have tanks you can hook to. Call them and ask so you know whether or not you need to make this extra investment. 

4. Heating and cooling can be a challenge.

If you plan on staying in a fairly mild climate where you don't need to heat the space, then a portable cabin is an easy choice. However, in colder climates, heating these structures can be a challenge. Some people choose to use propane space heaters, but you'll need to check with the cabin's manufacturer to ensure they are placed in a safe place.

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