3 Reasons You Should Be Concerned About Viruses With Your Business Telephone System

27 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Having an integrated business telephone system in the modern age means your system is directly interactive with your computer network. The idea of having a phone system that is this advanced is that it simplifies work processes within a business setting by making it capable for the two systems to work together. Unfortunately, having a phone system that works with your computer system also means the phone system is as vulnerable to technical issues and threats as your computer network. Viruses, ransomware, and other security threats are a huge concern. Here is a look at why you should be concerned about viruses with your business telephone system. 

A virus could completely ruin the phone system software. 

Business phone systems are highly advanced, which means they often have their own software platforms that make them function as they should. The problem with this is when your phone system is connected to your computer network and your computer network has a virus, the same virus could leak into the phone system's software. This means that you could be left with needing costly repairs to your phone system, or even complete software overhaul, which can be almost as costly as the whole phone system. 

A virus can compromise customer service. 

When your phone system and computer system work concurrently, anything that is wrong with your computer system affects your customers, as it will also affect your phone system. You could be faced with dealing with things like dropped calls, call interruptions, improperly relayed calls, and a whole list of issues. These issues can be relative to either the phone system being affected by the virus or the computer system being affected by the virus, but the outcome is the same. Your customer service can be negatively impacted. 

A virus can leave your business phone system vulnerable to attacks. 

If some form of virus manages to work its way into the software of your phone system, it could easily be used to manipulate how the phone system functions. This means that an attacker could potentially use a virus to relay things like call data, recorded voice transmissions, and other phone system functions. These situations can have dire consequences because your customers' security will be compromised. 

The bottom line is you should have the utmost concern about how a virus could affect your business phone system. If you suspect your phone and computer network is at risk, contact a professional for advice. Visit sites like http://www.gardenstatecommunications.com to learn more about phone systems.