3 Green Tips To Make An Upcoming Move Eco-Friendly

12 June 2015
 Categories: Business, Articles

If you take the time and effort to live sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint on a regular basis, you don't want to end up throwing it all away when it's time to move from your old home to a new home. Moving can be a pretty environmentally unfriendly activity, but you can take steps to make sure that your move is as green as possible. The trick is in finding the right boxes, making smart decisions about the things you pack, and making the most out of your moving truck. Check out a few green tips that will make your move more sustainable.

Rent Your Moving Boxes

Finding moving boxes is a pain. You can make it easier on yourself and on the environment by using a moving box rental service. This saves you from having to go searching for enough used boxes to facilitate your move or buying a bunch of cardboard boxes that you'll only use once.

With a box rental service, you'll pick out what you need from a variety of sturdy, reusable plastic boxes. They'll be delivered to your door when you need them, and you can arrange to have them picked up from your new home when you're done – no need to throw them out or recycle them. It's easy, it saves trees, and it will even make your move easier. Sturdy, reusable plastic boxes are easier to stack than cardboard, and they'll protect your possessions more effectively than cardboard will. They're also weather-proof, so your items won't be damaged if it happens to rain on moving day.

Lighten Your Load

The more that you can reduce the weight of the materials you're moving, the more fuel you'll save when you're driving to your new home in your moving truck. The more weight that you have in your vehicle, the more fuel you use – every extra 100 pounds in your vehicle increases your fuel costs by seven cents per gallon. Keep that number in mind when you're deciding what to keep and what to get rid of – if you're driving a long distance, getting rid of a few hundred pounds of unwanted items can add up to a lot of saved fuel.

You can reduce weight in your moving truck by taking the opportunity to downsize while you're packing. Get rid of old electronics, clothes that you've grown out of, and items that you just don't use anymore. Instead of throwing these items away, though, help the environment and your community by donating or recycling them. Give unwanted books and magazines to your local library. See if a women's shelter or nursing home can use your unwanted clothes or furniture. Metal and electronic devices can actually be recycled for cash, so you can earn a little money to put toward your moving expenses while doing something for the environment.

Choose and Use Your Moving Truck Wisely

The more fuel efficient your moving truck rental is, the less fuel you'll use during the move and the more energy efficient your move will be. Look for a truck that has features that are designed to reduce fuel consumption, like an aerodynamic design and a fuel economy gauge. You may even be able to find a moving truck that runs on biodiesel fuel.

How you drive the truck matters as well. The faster you go, the more fuel you'll burn. With a moving truck, it's most efficient to stay a little bit under the speed limit. Not only will you use less fuel, you'll also be a bit safer, since you'll have more control over the unfamiliar vehicle. Another good tip is to watch the pressure that you use when putting your foot on the gas pedal. Slamming your foot down on the pedal wastes fuel. Instead, ease your foot down on the gas pedal, and try to keep as little pressure on the pedal as possible while driving.

These tips will make your upcoming move easier as well as making it a more environmentally friendly undertaking. You'll feel better once you're settled in knowing that you did your best to reduce the strain of your move on the environment.